Identity &
User Interface


Last Work

Works - Beerlin, handcafted beer


Visual identity for a handcrafted beer from Berlin. This is part of a side project.

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Works - HCB, Identity for an online fashion boutique.


Visual identity for a fashion online boutique.

Works - Stellar, Identity for an tech conference.


Visual identity identity for a future and technology focused conference.


Design System

A design system unites product teams around a common visual language. It reduces design debt, accelerates the design process, and builds bridges between teams working in concert to bring products to life. -- Work in progress --

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HTML Framework

HTML/CSS Framework to ensure consistency in code and design in all applications. Reduce technical debt. Keep application maintainable, modular and scalable.

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Identity Design

What's the reason your product needs to exist? What problem does it solve? Defining the needs, goals and objectives will clarify the unique attributes of your brand.

Interface Design

Great UI is all about keeping users engaged and design invisible. I bring together the best tools and insight to create a second nature interactive experience.

Design System

One source of truth that ensures to have a common visual language in future communications. Perfect for start-ups who want to develop a cohesive, authentic and beautiful brand and want be able to maintain it.


Some CSS and HTML savvy can do awesome things. Animation in the right place at the right time can transform your brand journey.

About me

Hi, my name is Maxime Rabot.
I’m a brand and type lover living in Berlin.

I’m all about creating inventive, meaningful digital experiences that bring people together and breed better engagement.

For me, two things set apart good design from great design - innovation and usability. Innovation isn’t just about the new. It’s born from using what I have and know in fresh, imaginative ways. In short, asking questions and venturing off the beaten track.

Usability is bigger than features and interaction. By exploring emotion, function and form, I can get to real grips with what makes users tick and design an experience around exactly that.

Find me

Currently available for freelance work.