Hi, I'm Maxime Rabot.

UI designer & front-end developer based in Berlin.

Currently working as UI designer at Aklamio
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About me

I’m all about creating inventive, meaningful digital experiences that bring people together and breed better engagement.

For me, two things set apart good design from great design - innovation and usability. Innovation isn’t just about the new. It’s born from using what I have and know in fresh, imaginative ways. In short, asking questions and venturing off the beaten track.

Usability is bigger than features and interaction. By exploring emotion, function and form, I can get to real grips with what makes users tick and design an experience around exactly that.

Services & beyond

  • UI design

    Great UI is all about keeping users engaged and design invisible. I bring together the best tools and insight to create a second nature interactive experience.

  • Animation

    Some CSS and HTML savvy can do awesome things. Animation in the right place at the right time can transform your brand journey.

  • UX insight

    It starts and ends with user experience. I’m a conscious creator, weaving together today’s tech and user psychology to create meaningful digital exchanges.

Side Projects

A way of life. I don’t just work for my clients, I work for me. Here’s some of my off-the-clock side projects for your enjoyment.

HCB - Online fashion boutique.
Design for Desktop & mobile.

Behance - HCB - Online fashion boutique. Design for Desktop & mobile.
Check project on Behance

G for Gamepad - ABC Animations. Design and animation using pure CSS.

Check project on Codepen


Enough about me, let’s talk about you.
If you have a project in mind or simply fancy a chat, my door/email is always open.

Great design is more than screen deep.

I bring together beauty and brains to create digital adventures that tell stories, urge action and make people smile.